Dinner de Chasse et de Chefs

A few nights ago, 25-30 of NY's most prominent, important and, dare I say, lucky chefs enjoyed what I hear was a spectacular game dinner replete with that hiding under one's…

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A Birthday Lunch for Daniel Boulud

Last spring, some of Daniel Boulud's top staff and a few of his alumni who could spare the time from their current engagements, got together to host a very special dinner for the…

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Dinner at le Calandre

Sameola di Rubano may have once been a small town or village, but today, Le Calandre is part of a suburban strip mall on both sides of an active road. Under the same management as…

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Choosing a Wine

I'd like to reference something I just ran across on the web. It's Pim's secret to getting good value wines from fancy lists in Europe. While Pim sets the sommelier to task…

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La Vrai Andouille

Andouillettes are smaller than Andouille, and always eaten hot. They may be nicely formed like a professional sausage or they may be rather coarse misshapen objects. They may be…

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It's often said that the three most important things in the success of a restaurant are location, location and location. That's likely to be true, but I, and a good many like…

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Truffles for Thanksgiving

Traditionally we've not paid much service to national traditions or tastes in food, especially on Thanksgiving. Once we had a wild turkey at my sister's house in Michigan. It was…

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Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

For years, thinking this resort had no beach, I had passed it over, recommending to clients destinations with beaches galore: Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, or St Barths, for…

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L’Hostellerie du Chateau de la Pomarade

We are pleased to have good friends and fellow Francophiles Salli and Jerome, who live in Southwest France, reporting on some of their recent notable meals in the area.

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L’Auberge Côté Jardin in Conilhac-Corbie

Our good friends and fellow Francophiles Salli and Jerome, who live in Southwest France, report on another recent notable meal in their area.

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